Codi Barbini 
Artist | Filmmaker

WePresent - Branded Documentary | Commission

When painter Carmen Cicero walks down the street in New York and sees the sunlight glinting off the windows of a building, or hears a busker playing beautiful music, he’ll think about that moment for the rest of the day. At 93 years of age, you might not expect him to have such a romantic outlook but, an eternal optimist, this has always been his way. In 1971, a traumatic fire burned his studio and home to the ground, and it was this optimism that helped him get back on track and continue his journey to becoming the acclaimed artist that he is today.

Since meeting him three years ago, director Codi Barbinihas been fascinated by his story, and an unlikely friendship has blossomed between the two. In Eternity’s Sunrise Codi captures Carmen reflecting on life, and here she and his wife Mary provide insight into his personality and his near-century of artistry.


Credits Director - Codi Barbini
Original Score - Mark Noseworthy
Produced by - A Good Thing
Colorist - Quinn Barbini
Post Production Sound Mix - Evan DeVitto
Post Production Assistant - Emily Pullen
Executive Producer - Alex Kahl
Editor-in-Chief - Holly Fraser
Associate Producer - Phil van der Krogt