Codi Barbini 
Artist | Filmmaker

By Rose Marie Cromwell, Alfonso DuranKevin Garcia, Claxton Projects, Shay Nielsen Casting, Codi Barbini, 60 Nice, Raphael Ajuelos, The Mill, Mikey Rossiter, Bryan Rosenblum, Tyler Ford

Jace, Eric By Elliot Ross, Max LoweGarrett Milanovich, Shay Nielson Casting, Picturehouse + Thesmalldarkroom, Codi Barbini, 60 Nice, Raphael Ajuelos, Bryan Rosenblum

Client: Calvin Klein
Editor: Codi Barbini 
Sound Design: Codi Barbini

As the editor of these beautiful branded content videos, my role was to transform raw footage into compelling narratives that aligned with the brand's marketing goals.

As a documentary filmmaker, my ability to craft emotional and meaningul narratives really came through in these edits.