Codi Barbini 
Artist | Filmmaker

2023 - Heiress Gallery

An Ouroboros of Looking features seven contemporary artists, all of whom make work that engages the cyclical nature of observation and performativity.

The exhibition was conceived after reading an essay by writer and adult performer, Stoya, titled Graphic Depictions, Scene 01. In the essay, Stoya writes about the multiple and varied layers of observation that are inherent to the processes of producing and consuming porn. How, in her words, “each layer of being observed tends to bring an increase in reaction to that observation. She, in a sense, speaks to the levels of awareness required to engage in making not just any media for consumption but one that commands attention and provokes critical reflection. The connections between the ideas presented in Stoya’s essay and how such notions correlate with art and its ecosystems of perception/consumption serve as the conceptual foundation of the exhibition.

The exhibition will run from January 13th through March 3rd, 2023.

Press Release

Featured Artists

Codi Barbini
Creighton Baxter
Tess Bilhartz
Nash Glynn
Trinity Oribio
Paul Pfeiffer
Tanner Simon