“all that connects us” is a series of short films that look at how the internet and its constant flow of information, shape young people’s lives around the world…..

Mishel is 17 and lives on the outskirts of Apartadó, Colombia, a small rural village with limited power and running water. She spends most of her day at school but often helps her mom with an arepa stand before or after school. Like most teenagers, she has a social media account, and loves taking selfies. But most of all, she desires to be free from the rules and regulations that society,  place, and culture, dictate.

While we are at a time where connectivity is instantaneous -  In Mishel’s case the internet proves to be a place for opportunity, but also an easy place for she and her friends to become targets for human trafficking. This is one of the unfortunate realities for Mishel, and other teenagers in the internet age.

Through this series which introduces teenagers from different countries around the world, we will look at all aspects of technology and information, and what it means to use them.

Increasing numbers of young people are being trafficked online, fueled by the global spread of high-speed internet and rising mobile phone ownership, experts say.

Globally, a third of all trafficking victims are children in a crime worth $150 billion a year, the U.N.’s International Labour Organization estimates. Across Latin America, women and girls being sold into sex work is the most common form of human trafficking, according to the U.N.

Codi Barbini


Filmmaker and artist.